BITS Year End Newsletter 2020

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On December 11, 2020

It’s the time of the year where most businesses get a chance to slow down and reflect, as the year draws to a close. The Bits Tech team is happy to announce another exceptional year of growth, despite the unforeseen business hindrance, brought about by the Covid 19 Pandemic. All this has been made possible by our formidable team of developers, and the overwhelming continued support from you, our customer.

“Confusion comes from lack of understanding, when we understand; we can predict, and when we can predict; we can control.”
― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

The Pivot to Digital Solutions

Going into Level 5 lockdown in late March, Bits Tech like every other business was faced with a sink or swim situation. When presented with the unknown in today’s fast paced tech world, the demand to innovate our business model grew even higher. As Microsoft gold members, our expertise allowed us to assess and respond to our customers, with solutions brought about by continuing to take substantial risks in how we develop our solution technology in real time. Our goal was to develop and introduce solutions in the workplace that will maintain some normalcy in the new way of work as teams worked from home, in total isolation of each other. This is how the Bits digital online platform and e-submission services were introduced.

Bits Tech 2020 Highlights

This year, we completed a number of game changing technology inventions in house. These have helped with digitizing the operations of our client business. We have introduced two products namely; The Neptune Meeting Pack and Neptune Audit Solutions.

The Neptune Meeting Pack is a meeting management system that delivers software solutions to help industries manage effective meetings and governance. It improves collaboration and communication within a remote working environment. The software can make meetings more productive at council and board level, filtering down throughout the organisation. Read More

“Making the decision to redirect our business and invest in our own digital products is one of the best investments the company has made in 2020. Both the Neptune Meeting pack and Audit solutions have spiked traffic on our newly introduced e-commerce website. Our recent customer feedback review results proved growth in customer satisfaction and retention.”
― Akhona Stuurman

Founder and Partner at Bits Tech

The Neptune Audit solution has helped support all kinds of audits including internal, external, business reviews, ad hoc, risk based or checklist based audits. This digital solution has become a popular finding register platform amongst business managers. Read More

Future Plans

2021 is our year! Our road map includes expanding on the solutions created and scaling our business. As much as we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, our aim is to contribute toward innovative products and be an independent solutions provider with Microsoft as all our solutions are built using microsoft framework, technology and language. This then makes it easy for any organisation to integrate with our system.

We plan to continue factoring in other solutions in the market for our customers convenience. These include Sup Oracle and Microsoft 365. We intend to integrate all these solutions into one. Our team is currently working on the Business Process Automation (BPA) process which helps with automating all internal processes of an organisation to ensure that operations are streamlined for ease of tracking.

If you wish to get more information or even order some products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly on.

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