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Protect the

Protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked against the ever-growing cyber-attacks.

Our Cyber Security Services

Stay well equipped to protect your networks, devices, programs and data from attacks.

Identity and Access Management




Identity and Access Management

BITS helps protect users’ Identities and control access to valuable resource based on user risk level.

Information Protection

BITS helps clients to have policies that ensure documents and emails are seen only by authorized people based on client requirement.

Threat Protection

BITS ensures that proper security policies are in place to protect organizations against advanced threats.

Security Management

BITS ensures that proper security measures are in place by managing Azure Security Center, Office365 Security Center and Windows Defender Security Center.


Cyber Security Goals

The objective of cybersecurity is to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked against the ever-growing cyber-attacks.

The three basic goals of Cybersecurity can be:-

Confidentiality of data

Protect the confidentiality of data.

Integrity of data

Preserve the integrity of data.

Availability of data

Promote the availability of data for
authorized users.


Security Services
offered by BITS

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Management
  • Penetration testing
  • Treat intelligence
  • Achieving the right Compliance (HIPPA/GDPR/POPI..)
  • Designing security framework
  • Security Operation Centre (SOC)
  • Proposed solution

Additional Solutions

  • SIEM
  • EDR Solution
  • Vulnerability assessment & management
  • Advanced treat protection

Threat Intelligence

  • Planning Direction
  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Production
  • Dissemination & Feedback

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